Transmission solutions for all powertrain systems designed to meet individual requirements.

– Overview –

The Transmission:

in electric powertrains
in hybrid powertrains
in combustion powertrains

For over 30 years hofer powertrain has offered custom-designed solutions for its customers and partners to convert engine performance reliably and efficiently into drive torque. In doing so, we expanded our know-how from the conventional manual transmission to advanced dual clutch transmissions to the latest and future-oriented solutions for hybrid and electric powertrains.

– 1 –

Transmission in electric powertrains

Over the past few decades, the functionality of vehicle transmissions has become increasingly complex. In contrast, the focus for transmissions in electric powertrains is less related to the number of gears, but rather to durability, compact design, and NVH-issues.

We set standards for machining quality through our experience, calculation, and simulation. This know-how is essential to ensure that the transmission components efficiently perform under load.

The gearbox achieves maximum efficiency only when fully incorporated into the system. Our electric drive solutions highlight our integration competence.

– 2 –

Transmission in hybrid powertrains

The hybridization of the powertrain opens new doors regarding performance and efficiency. However, the challenge is to use the available space in the best possible way. For efficient solutions in limited package space, the pressure is on for: “more e-machine and less gearbox.”

As the interface between the combustion and electric motor, the transmission is as diverse as the several applications of hybrid solutions. Through our experience in solution-oriented development, we enable all variations in a wide variety of designs or functions.

We enable any driving behavior by simulating engine, gearbox, and control as a combined system.

– 3 –

Transmission in combustion powertrains

Our experience in the field of mechanical energy conversion extends over the entire range of transmission solutions. We design transmissions for any application, whether cost-optimized or performance-optimized.

We achieve the highest degree of efficiency through precise gear quality and intelligent solutions, such as an optimized dry sump lubrication. Furthermore, we deliver efficient shift control with low current consumption by the actuators.

The system competency flows through all our products, whether shift comfort, accomplished with our software, or shift time, based on our detailed knowledge of hydraulic and electromechanical valve controls, including skip-shifts.