System Integration

E/E architecture from concept to series production

– Overview –

Die wachsende Menge zu verarbeitender Daten und Schnittstellen im Fahrzeug setzt eine gut durchdachte Bordnetz-Architektur voraus, die sämtliche Module integriert und deren Kommunikation ermöglicht. Von hofer powertrain entwickelten E/E Systeme erfüllen dabei sämtliche Sicherheitsanforderungen und garantieren ein kundenspezfisches Fahrgefühl. Im Zuge des Konzeption verbinden wir dafür die Wünsche unserer Kunden mit sämtlichen legislativen und System-Voraussetzungen zu einem effizienten Gesamtsystem.

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– 1 –

Concept Drive-System-Strategy

To fulfill our customer’s expectations we develop a drive-strategy-concept, which directly targets our their needs. During this phase, we put a high value on the customer’s wishes and combine those with our expertise for the perfect drive experience as well as legal and system requirements

– 2 –


Flawless and efficient communication throughout the entire powertrain system, as well as function implementation by implementing the driving strategy concept

After completion of the concept phase, the individual modules of the drive system must now be connected physically and with software. The defined customer requirements are recorded in a specification and first realized in prototypes and then in the vehicle.

By continuously testing and validating all software and hardware functions, we recognize possible challenges at an early stage in order to meet your requirements and our demand for a drive train tailored to your needs.

– 3 –

End-to-End support

From concept to production maturity

The goal in sight is no guarantee for a successful project. There are many ways to get there, and there may be bottlenecks at any time.

We at hofer powertrain are familiar with the constantly changing landscape and will accompany you the entire way until the goal and your vision are realized successfully.