We grasp the advancement of the global market and are driving our technology at the same accelerated speed. Therefore, our system area Mechatronics offers not only hydraulic and electronic controls but also smart actuator solutions to increase energy efficiency and performance.


Optimal integration

We are continually striving for more compact, faster, lighter and cost-optimized mechatronics solutions. To successfully master this progress, a targeted merging of the essential components is crucial.


Optimize functions

We integrate essential components, to eliminate subsystem borders. Our mechatronics experts do this by combining many sub-functions into a whole.


System configuration

To meet the increasing demands on the precision of mechatronic solutions, the functions of individual actuators become more diverse, and thus the actuators become increasingly multi-layered. Our experience in the calculation and use of powerful simulation tools is the essential factor in an effective solution generation.


Calculation and simulation

More than 25 years of experience in the calculation, design, and testing of hydraulic components, in particular, valve development, as well as an early integration of 1D and 3D simulation tools, enable our efficient mechatronics solutions.


Hardware and software tuning

During the calibration and application, we determine early on the correlation of software and hardware. This method allows us to minimize the series deviation, as well as to reduce the interfaces which need managing later.