Profit from our detailed knowledge about each single component
and their function within the system –
we master interfaces

Production Services with
attention to detail

Take a quick look at the set of services
surrounding the production at hofer powertrain

Supplier management

Years of experience as a system developer, have established a holistic set of criteria, on which we base and measure our suppliers.

Quality management

To be certified for the automotive market by several German and international OEMs has been made possible by maintaining our zero-error strategy as well as our customer satisfaction. Delivering products for the vehicle industry has qualified us to supply your solution.

Volume production

We provide assembly services, meeting highest automotive standards. The partnership with ElringKlinger as an expert in the industrialization of high volume products and hofer powertrain with its system development expertise supplies entire powertrain solutions to Tier 1 and OEMs.

Process development

Via our continuous improvement process, we increase our efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility. . The insights we gain are then looped back throughout our entire product development process. This know-how enables us also to offer customized processes to realize your solution.