– LCV 2018 by CENEX –


The Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2018 LCV by CENEX is an ideal stage for hofer powertrain’s future driven technologies.

Since 2008 LCV by CENEX has continuously won the support of prominent industry and government partners while growing its international visitor base.The UK takes vehicle emissions and electrificationvery seriously, and hofer powertrain aims to showcase its solutions to the powertrainchallenges of tomorrow.

Our hofer powertrain UK team will be present to accelerate a future driven dialogue.

Cenex-LCV being the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event displays the demand for efficient powertrain solutions. hofer powertrain caters to the ever-growing diversity of mobility solutions with our solid foundation in design & development and the production of complete powertrain systems.

The expertise across the entire powertrain system including system integration enables us to create bespoke solutions of the highest automotive standard.

UK customers receive bespoke powertrain solutions from our D&D facilities in Warwick and our production site in Solihull, where the first products will ship out late 2019 – electrifying times indeed!

We are …

We are the system supplier of efficient powertrain solutions in the fields of electrification, hybridization, and internal combustion power. As an established and independent partner of the mobility industry, hofer powertrain has been providing pioneering technologies and products to companies worldwide for over 30 years. Accomplished by our experienced teams of experts specialized in the development, industrialization, and production of powertrain systems.