We have the goal to fulfill all relevant requirements in such a way that our solutions achieve balance at a system level. We make holistic system solutions possible, through our profound understanding of the entire powertrain in all its facets.


Knowing variables and their effects

We bring efficient powertrain solutions to the road by taking a holistic approach to determining the requirements: from components to the overall system – from concept to production.


Understand the challenges of our customers

We help with our experience from diverse and multi-layered projects, to define and fulfill requirements together with our partners and customers.


Overall evaluation

Our concepts and products achieve a harmonious balance between technical, commercial and production-related factors. Intelligent scalability and modularity allow for individual performance adjustments in the overall system under cost- and benefit-optimized aspects.


Mastering interfaces

Our system-knowledge spanning across components and their interfaces throughout the entire energy-conversion-path allows us to form new value creation and collaboration models.


One system from one source

Our competence as a system supplier allows us to implement solutions for entire powertrain concepts – used in mobility products of every type.


Merging of new and proven components

In particular, the integration of components and subsystems that currently exist on the market into a coherent new concept completes our expertise.