The company hofer powertrain

We are the system supplier of efficient powertrain solutions in the fields of electrification, hybridization, and internal combustion power. As an established and independent partner of the mobility industry, hofer powertrain has been providing pioneering technologies and products to companies worldwide for over 30 years. Accomplished by our experienced teams of experts specialized in the development, industrialization, and production of powertrain systems.

Mission & Vision

We create a positive impact on our world by making the most efficient powertrain solutions available to the mobility consumer of today.

“Today we deliver the new powertrain solutions the world needs!”

I bring the most experienced and most
innovative experts together with the
most advanced partners to realize the
future of the powertrain today.


Our locations

As an independent global system supplier, we operate rapidly and flexible. We do not hesitate to offer our services and products where they are needed, and we are continuously creating and growing local teams around the world.